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Post by Roldan on Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:17 am

Forum Rules
Read carefuly before you post anything on forums!

1) Inappropriate behavior: Repeated behavior deemed inappropriate by GameMasters/ The Owner and Forum Moderators may result in your account being suspended/banned from our forums.

Inappropriate behavior includes:
-Nudity of any kind.
-Violent or overly disgusting images.
-Stereotypically demeaning or sexist (either male or female) images.
-Anything insulting to a person or group of people.
-Heated religious discussion.

2) All Caps: On the Internet, a word or words in all caps signifies shouting. Titles and threads that are in all caps will be locked, edited or removed by a Moderator/GameMaster or the Owner.

3) Hostilities: Do not insult other players, moderators, GMs or other forum users. This includes:

- Flaming: arguing with or insulting another poster, or his/her point of view.
- Defaming: Anything negative posted about another person, even if it's true.
- Trolling: Attempts to incite others to anger, frustration or sadness.
- Misquoting: Changing a person's words in a quote to stir up trouble, defame or to otherwise cause problems.

*Excessive hostilities will result in a ban from the forums.*

4) Off topic: Threads that have gone off that topic will be edited, split or locked. Threads are posted in the wrong section will be moved. Threads that are created with the sole purpose of having no meaning will be taken off of the forum.

*Repeated offenses can result in a ban from the forums.*

5) Hijacking: Taking control of another person's post to forward your own agenda will result in having your posts removed from that thread.

*Repeated hijackings can result in a ban from the forums.*

6) Game Advertisements: Do not advertise other games on the forums. You are free to mention other games in the context of a thread, but please keep your comments limited, or your threads/posts may be removed.

Game advertisement includes:
Posting links to other games
Posting images of other games
Offering to buy/sell penya related to another game.

7) Advertising of other services/websites: Please do not advertise other sites or services for gain on these forums. Threads, links, banners or any other content consisting of advertisements for sites/services with intent to gain from such links will be locked or removed by the GameMaster/Moderator or the Owner.

Cool Posting Private Information: Please do not post your email address, MSN address, phone numbers or any other private contact information, or the contact information of any player on the forums. Doing so is a dangerous practice, and any posts containing private contact information will be edited to delete them.

9) Bans will not be discussed openly on the Forums. Any thread created for this purpose will be removed without notice. If you wish to discuss a ban, Send us a private message.

10) Necromancy: Any thread over fourteen days old is considered to be a dead thread. Posting in a dead (necro) thread will cause it to be locked.

*Repeated posting of dead threads can result in a ban from forums.*

11) Thread Locked/Removal Discussion: Discussing a locked or removed thread is forbidden and any posts found in regards to this will be removed. These threads were locked or moved for a reason. If you have a problem with a thread that was locked or removed, send us a private message.

12) Moderators: Moderators are volunteers that help keep the forums clean. They are not a Staff Members and are players just like you. Repeatedly baiting, flaming, or taunting a moderator is grounds for ban on the same basis as hostilities above. If you have any problem with a moderator's actions, please send us a message.

*Repeat offenders may be banned from the forums.*

-If you have any questions, send to me a private message,i'm glad to help you.

Also would like to add DOUBLE POSTING. Please do not double post, it takes up space and it is quite annoying.

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