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Post by Roldan on Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:21 am

In-Game Rules

Read carefuly before playing our server!

1) Scamming: If you go into a trade with the express idea of scamming a player it counts as harassment and you will be banned. With this in mind, if you fail to confirm the amount of Penya you are getting in a trade, or fail to ensure that you are getting the correct item, that is entirely your fault. So be smart, careful, and verify trade items. Never give items/Penya to a player in a single sided trade in the hopes they will re-trade with you on another character or give it back to you at a later time.

2) Hacking: Any attempts to hack or crash the server, obtain user passwords, or use a third party program to obtain advantages in the game will result in a permanent ban.

3) Duping: Duping, or using an exploit to duplicate items will also result in permanent ban.

4) Exploits: Taking advantage of exploiting any flaw in the system to gain advantages for yourself or others will result to a permanent ban.

5) Selling on Ebay/Auctioning: If you sell your items/penya/chars for real cash, or for any advantages in game or out, you will be permanent ban, no questions asked.

6) False Hack Report: Making a false hack result will result in a three day ban. A false hack report is making a hack report against someone who isn't hacking. Usually the offender has a clear, negative motivation for making this report. (harassment) The offender may often use faked (photoshopped) screenshots.

7) GM Impersonation: Pretending to be a GM or any member of our server, or trying to steal out users' passwords will result in a permanent ban.

Cool GM Tooling: Saying anything similar to "My GM friend will ban you!" will get you banned, whoever the GM is.

9) Harassment: If you harass other players, you will at least be muted. Depending on the severity of the act you may be temporary ban, or a permanent ban.

10) Harassing GMs nonstop will also result in a ban.
Also, if you report harassment, you must include the entire conversation and screen shots.

11) Language: Inappropriate language will get you muted. If you keep it up you will be banned.

12) Kill Stealing: Contrary to what some players may tell you, there is NO PUNISHMENT for kill stealing.G

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